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13 basic things you cannot do without a TIN in Ghana

Beginning April 1, 2018, persons not registered with the GRA to be issued with a Tax Identification Number (TIN) will find it impossible to conduct official business and access some basic public services in the country. The Commissioner General of the Ghana Revenue Authority, Emmanuel Kofi Nti, today told journalists at a press briefing that persons without a TIN will be unable to open a bank account, file a case in court, acquire a passport or obtain a driving license.

Mr Nti added that persons without TIN numbers will also be unable to register a vehicle, clear goods in commercial quantities from the ports or register any title to land or any document affecting land.

The GRA had earlier indicated that the enforcement of the TIN policy will begin on April 1.

A TIN is a unique 11-digit number generated by the GRA for persons including corporate entities upon application. It is part of efforts to improve tax compliance and broaden the tax net.

It is free to obtain the number and the GRA encourages the reporting of persons who demand payment to process the TIN.

The GRA as part of its operational standards pledges to generate the number within 48 hours upon application accompanied with a valid national identification number such as Driver’s license, Passport, Voter’s ID.

See the list of things you cannot do without a TIN in Ghana below;

-Clear goods from the port

-Register your land document with the Lands Commission

-Obtain a tax clearance certificate from GRA

-Open a bank account

-Register your company at the Registrars General’s Department or any District Assembly office

-Receiving any payment from the Controller and Accountant General or a District Assembly in respect of a contract for the supply of any goods or provisions of any services

-Obtain payment for contracts done for the government

-File a case at the courts

-Obtain a passport from the passport office

-Obtain a driver’s license and register your vehicle at the DVLA

-Bid for contracts from a government agency

-Conduct business with the Ministries, Departments and Agencies

-Cannot conduct business with the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies


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