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9 Types Of Baby Daddies Women Are Tired Of Having

Making a baby takes two people.

Let’s just start from there, two people who liked or loved each other to jump into a sexual situation and then boom, something happened, she got pregnant. During that time, someone may be confused and the baby mama is usually very stressed out but there are some men who make it impossible to even want to keep a baby. Having a baby is a two-way street and at the end of it all, a baby daddy can either make it easy or just depressing. Here are the baby daddies that make it depressing and women are tired of having.

1. The guy who is never there you even forget he exists.

Like did you make that baby by yourself?




2. The one who always posts photos with the baby but never actually see’s their child.

As a matter of fact, he takes the photos from your Instagram and has the nerve to post them elsewhere.




3. The baby daddy who is always there but never pays for shit.

Since when did your presence pay bills?




4. The kind of dad who is always out drinking while you’re busy taking care of the baby.

Then he is always hangover and now you feel like you have two kids, him and the baby.




5. One who starts dating and forgets he has a child with someone.

When he gets a girlfriend you and your baby are history.




6. The kind who doesn’t tell his family that he has a baby somewhere.

How immature is this?

Taking break



7. Of course, there’s the one who just disappears.

You are always stressed out because he walks in and out of your lives like a corridor.

Too young



8. The one who always lies he will take care of everything but doesn’t.

He just never keeps his word.




9. One who gets mad when you ask for finances for his child.

Surely, who else should she ask?

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