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CSIR Outdoors Orange Maize In Fanteakwa District in The Eastern Region

The department of crops under the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research CSIR, has outdoored a new variety of maize rich in Vitamin A called Orange maize in the Eastern region.

The Orange maize which also has about 5 varieties namely; maize ahoɔfɛ, maize ahoɔden, maize abɔntɛm, maize honampa, maize difoo, have been introduced to farmers in the region but first as a pilot project in Saamang in the Fanteakwa South District in the Eastern Region.

In an interview with Radio 1 News, the senior research scientist of the council, Dr Manfred Bondzie Ewool revealed that these new varieties will not only have impacts on the human being but also animals. It is also essential for feeding poultry.

“We have come out with a new variety of maize called Orange maize. It contains an appreciable component of Vitamin A. It is good for the eye and also helps in nourishing the body. It will help pregnant women. Generally it will improve the health of the individual. If poultry feed on any of the varieties of orange maize, their eggs will be developed and be rich in vitamins”, the director revealed.

Also, in a program organised to sensitize the farmers of Akyem Saamang in the Fanteakwa South District in the Eastern region, the director again said, if the farmers will plant these varieties of maize it would help them and the nation as a whole. He revealed the intention of the council to make these varieties available nationwide since it has the capacity to withstand many adverse conditions of farming. However, they strongly believe that with time and support their aim for supplying the farm produce to the basic schools and second cycle schools to aid in the school feeding would be achieved. The council therefore appealed to the general public particularly the farmers of Saamang to patronize the Orange maize in this crop season.

By: Radio1News|Ghana

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