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Farmers Advised To Wear Protective Clothing During Chemical Application

Mr. Isaac Sangboh who is the chairman of the Akosombo Asuokwaw Farmers Association has underscored the need for farmers to wear protective clothes when applying agro chemicals on their farms.

According to him, protective clothing like goggles, nose masks, etc. are important outfit which farmers must wear to protect themselves from the harmful effects of chemicals.

He attributed most ailments suffered by farmers to their failure to protect themselves through the wearing of protective clothing but exposing themselves to the effects of the chemicals during the cause of the chemical application.

These ailments, Mr. Sangboh indicated has in some instances incapacitated some farmers into not being able to work on their farms.

Mr. Sangboh gave the caution on the Akuafo Sesen segment of the Rite Morning Ride with Captain Adabuga. “Agro chemicals are good for farming but it has a lot of advantages and disadvantages on the health of the farmers,” he warned.

He recounted farming without agro chemicals in the olden days where mushrooms, cocoyam, etc. helped in the improvement of farming as compared to modern days where farmers apply fertilizers and chemicals on crops which in the end destroys their farming and this is indicative in the absence of cocoyam and mushrooms in current times.

Mr. Sangboh said chemicals used on farms are misused by the farmers without any safety precautions and emphasized that extension officers must also educate farmers on how to use fertilizers and agro chemicals on their farms.

He pleaded with government to support the extension officers with funds to organize regular workshops and educate farmers on fertilizer application to prevent work hazards and improve on their agribusinesses.

By: Nana Ama Sarfo |

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