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GHS132m for 1000 boreholes

The Ministry of Special Development Initiatives led by Mavis Hawa Koomson will spend GHS132,000,000 next year to sink 1000 solar-powered mechanical boreholes at a unit cost of GHS132,000.

The amount was approved by parliament as part of the ministry’s GHS1,010,239,700 2018 budgets.

Below is the full breakdown of the budget approved for the ministry on Wednesday:

Procurement of 275 ambulances at a unit cost of GHS354,750 totaling GHS97,556,250

Construction of 50 warehouses at a unit cost of GHS1,652,469 totaling GHS82,623,480

Construction of 1000 solar-powered mechanical boreholes at a unit cost of GHS132,000 totaling GHS132,000,000

Construction of 1000 water closet institutional toilets with mechanised boreholes and solar panels at a unit cost of GHS187,000 totaling GHS187,000,000

Establishment of 50 micro-enterprises at a unit cost of GHS550,000 totaling GHS 27,500,000

275 projects at a unit cost of GHS1,100,000 totaling GHS302,500,000

Construction of 100 markets at a unit cost of GHS1,100,000 totaling GHS110,000,000

Internal Management or Organisations totaling GHS8,600,000

Hiring of office accommodation for Middle Belt and Coastal Belt Development Authority and Regional Offices totaling GHS15,000,000

Legal and Administrative Framework Review – GHS1000,000

Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Refurbishment – GHS3000,000

Procurement of Office Furniture and Fixtures – GHS6,500,000

Local and International Affiliation – GHS2,500,000

Procurement of Office Supplies and Consumables – GHS3,000,000

Tendering Activities – GHS759,970

Treasury and Accounting Activities – GHS500,000

Procurement of Computers and Accessories – GHS1,500,000

Manpower Skill Development – GHS3,500,000

Foreign Training – GHS2,000,000

Planning and Policy Formulation – GHS3,500,000

Policies and Programme Review Activities – GHS1,500,000

Publication and Decimination of Policies and Programmes – GHS500,000

Development and Management of Database – GHS400,000

Research and Development – GHS1,000,000

Development of Website – GHS800,000

Budget Preparation – GHS2,000,000

Budget Performance Reporting – GHS500,000

Management and Monitoring of Policies and Projects – GHS3,000,000


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