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Late Ahmed Suale Was A Liar And A Schemer – Nyantakyi ‘Bleeds’ From Number 12 ‘Set-Up

Embattled former President of the defunct Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi has said the entire Number 12 video was a set up contrived “contrived to humiliate me”, revealing that late Ahmed Suale who was a key actor in the events is a liar, has filed.

According to Nyantakyi, it was late Ahmed Suale who told him a “pack of lies” to set him up and anytime they met, Ahmed Suale kept acting suspiciously but he failed to notice.

Nyantakyi labeled Tiger Eye a criminal organization that operates like Isis and thrives on blackmail.

“It was Ahmed Suale the late who went to meet Abu, I mean Abdulai Alhassan and told him a pack of lies. He said he worked at the University of Ghana for 7 to 8 years and had a connection to work with Arabs and he is connected. They came to Ghana to work under Mahama but after the election results didn’t favour them, they are backing off. But they also want to sponsor the Ghana Premier League.” Nyantakyi said on Oman FM.

“The first trip I went it was Ahmed I met. He told me a pack of lies. It was this same Ahmed who met Weah and told him they can help him win the election in Liberia.” He added.

“I met him severally times. He even came to my house once. You saw the way he dressed on the screen? With that Muslim attire, the Jellabiya, throughout my encounters with him, that is how he dressed every day. He wore different colours of this same design. So, he came some days in blue, some days in white and in other colours. And when he comes, he is so jittery. In a moment he receives a call. When he is with you, maximum 30 or 45 minutes he receives about ten to 20 calls,” Kwesi Nyantakyi added.

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