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Most old people in Africa have ‘Dementia’ – Samuel Frempong

The Mental Health Nurse of New Tafo Government hospital in the Eastern region, Mr. Samuel Frempong has stated that most old people in Africa are suffering from ‘Dementia.’

”Dementia” is a general term for a decline in mental ability sever enough to interfere with daily life.” Example memory lost and Alzheimer is the most common type of dementia.

According to him, most people in Ghana and Africa don’t know much about the disease, there was no proper recognition giving to core and protect the ‘Dementia Patient’.

He mentioned the types of Dementia we have that is, Traumatic brain injury, Vascular Dementia, Dementia with low bodies, Normal pressure hydrocephalus,  Down syndrome etc.

Mr. Patrick Ocran also a Mental Health Nurse at New Tafo Government hospital, explain that Dementia is causes by cell death and neurodegenerative disease, that is ‘progressively brain cell death’, and it is most at times cause by Injury, Stroke, Brain tumour and drug abuse.

He  outlined the symptoms of Dementia.

 ”If one is experiencing memory problems, that is impairment in language, Communication, Focus, reasoning, difficult finding right words, changes in mood, confusion and failing sense of direction being respective, then the person is suffering from Dementia.” he stated.

They were in a studio discussion with Nana Yaa Agyapomaa host of  ”Me ne W’apawomden” on Radio 1 on Wednesday, 8th November, 2017.

Samuel Frempong later explained how Dementia can be prevented and Treated.

”Limit the amount of alcohol you drink, Avoid high risk sexual behaviour, Avoid head injury by always using belts, helmets and other protective equipment, Make sure your diet has enough Vitamin B, especially vitamin B12. Safe environments- so that the person cannot be hurt or get lost if he or she wanders away, clean and bright the environments actively- to help focus the person’s attention and keep him or her oriented to the environment. Familiar surroundings, people and routines, because too much change can cause confusion and agitation.” he stated.


He charged the Health Care Authorities to intervene with the initiatives by creating public awareness on Dementia.

Source: Alberta Koomson.


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