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Residents Of Akyem Etukrom Protests Against Chief

Early this week, residents of Etukrom in the Eastern Region protested against their chief Nana Jelly over his refusal to clear himself of bribery allegations levelled against him by a chief priest in the town by name ‘Nana Abolou’.

Residents explained out of anger they had to protest and express their warries through the use of red cloth popularly called ‘Danger’, pla cards with writings like ‘y3gye Y3n Mman’, ‘No nkonta No Asaase twa’, ‘Where is our committee’, Y3n hia Aboa oguan, where is our plot and others.

Ishmael Amoh a committee member lamented on the behaviour of their chief and further explained the reason behind the demonstration. According to him it all started when a fetish priest came into the town and attacked a man with his family for no reason and was left to go scot free despite their effort to bring justice to the family. They also print and spend counterfeit currency in the community.

Barely a month after their chief was installed, a young girl was drunked and rapped and left behind a house to her fate. With the help of an eye witness the culprits were arrested but the chief suggested on settling the case at home, hence the culprits set free.

After sometime the chief priest told them that they have actually bribed all the police men around and the chief too as well, and that is why they are always set free even after committing any crime and arrested, he said.

According to him, their lives have been in danger based on what they have seen and heard. Due to that they have resorted in protecting themselves hence their survival till date.

We only invited our chief to come and clear himself of allegations levelled against him which he agreed to but couldn’t make it because of Hon. Asirifi’s funeral. He then rescheduled the meeting to Monday 22-01-2018.  After hours of waiting for him, he came but with anger claiming that he owns the land and will do whatever he likes and that was what caused our anger and protest”. He added. 

The assembly member of Area Hon. Kena Duodo also confirmed all these allegations.

By: Ghana| Radio1 News

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