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We Ain’t Jubilating Till The Ban Is Officially Lifted – Chairman Small Scale Miners

The Chairman for the Association of Small Scale Miners in the Eastern Region, Mr. Kwadwo Sarfo on Radio1 100.7’s Morning show, Susubiribi stated that until the Government comes to categorically make a final declaration of the lifting of the ban on illegal mining popularly called ‘Galamsey’ which affected their work, caused a number of lives to go bankrupt financially and also caused a number of people to lose their lives, they are not going to jubilate or even make merry when they are asked to go back to work.

He noted that this is not the first time they are getting information from the media on the lifting of the ban because it’s been almost two years now that the ban was placed on illegal mining and the Government has on several occasions announced different dates that the ban on small scale mining will be lifted but none of these dates has been effected so now that the Government has promised to disclose the date, they are waiting to patiently hear what the Government will say.  Mr. Sarfo said this is making most of the small scale miners lose hope in the Government.

Mr. Sarfo expressed that they are not against the Government on the placement of ban on illegal mining because the right channel was not initiated in the previous years but what also beats his understanding is that some of the miners that were without permit had the liberty to operate while those with permit did not have the opportunity to mine. He added that while most of the indigenous citizens of these country were placed under the ban on illegal mining, some foreign citizens were freely mining in the country.

He mentioned that the Government can testify that some of the small scale miners in the former year helped in diverse measures to fight against Galamsey in the country especially using their finances to come out with a task-force in the cause and therefore promised that after the ban has been officially lifted, his association and other small scale miners will abide to any rules that will be set up as well as implement the right measures in their daily mining activities in order to avoid repetitions made in the past which caused them mercilessly.

The Chairman cautioned that anyone who does not abide by the rules set up by the Government and accordingly but continues to mine illegally will be exposed and punished by law to serve as detriment to other illegal miners in the country.

By: Radio1News|Ghana

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