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“Nana Addo is a one – term President, just as Donald Trump in America” -Ologo

Mr. Michael Ologo who is aiming at becoming the Member of Parliament for the constituents of Yilo Krobo on the ticket of the opposition National Democrtic Congress, NDC has argued strongly that, assessing the level of economic downturn in Ghana, after the ruling NPP government took over the reigns of administration in the country, the 2018 Christmas season has been the worse ever festive tiding that he has witnessed growing up in the state as a young student and in Ghana as his native country.

“President Nana Akufo Addo and America President Donald Trump both have some level of semblance in regards to their Party’s tradition and their governance style; so brute and insensitive”, Ologo said.

Comparing the year (2018) under review in both Ghana, and the United State of America, with the inspiration into year 2019 – 2020 respectively. The Parliamentary hopeful, Mr. Michael Ologo on the ticket of the NDC in the Yilo Krobo constituency in the eastern region has noted that both Mr. Trump of US, and President Nana Addo of Ghana are deemed to spend only a term (4 years) on the presidency in their respective countries.

He stated that, prior to the 2016 polls the then NPP party in opposition led by its flag bearer Nana Addo, always pride and compare themselves, to the America’s, especially during the period where the US were also fervently  gearing towards their crucial and highly charged Presidential elections between the two leading contending parties ; Democrats and Republicans , with Mr. Trump on the ticket of the Republicans party and Former First lady Hilary Clinton also as the Democrats front line presidential candidate respectively.

Though Americans’ have had institutional, and austerity challenges in the administration of President Donald Trump as well as persistent social and economic impasses, amidst spontaneous rioting by students , raging issues of racisms, President Akufo Addo of Ghana, and his government have also equally marred  their regime with such series of scandals , credibility bottlenecks coupled with loads of broken and unfulfilled campaign promises as well as gruesome matters in human rights abuses in the country, as well as unleashing untold hardships on Ghanaians for the twenty – four months ( 24 ) in office.

Though the government of President Nana Addo has predicted sound financial and fiscal outlook in 2019, the ” take away ” parliamentary hopeful exclaimed the posturing and projections by government and the Presidency cannot wholly be factual since the President will have barely little time to account and augment for the negative economic deficits its failed to achieve under the year in review (2017- 2018).

Mr. Ologo, seemingly and subtly deflated the argument in details and provided value addition to the effect that 2019 is a mob up political season into the major campaign and elections in 2020.

He has thus, reiterated the unwavering desire by his party, the NDC to revert the country to evidence base fortunes if Ghanaians gives the mandate to President Mahama and the NDC in 2020.

Mr. Michael Ologo, asserted, and bemoaned that once both parties in both US and Ghana, have its emblem as the Elephant, and if there are indications and likelihoods of President Akufo Addo becoming a one term president, the same permutation could apply to President Trump of the United State of America who also depicts an elephant as his party’s symbol of emblem.

Defending this observation, he said government spokesperson’s in Ghana have constantly used the US as a benchmark in terms of how their government is performing for the success of both in opposition, and in government, and so he cannot phantom and underestimate without any stretch of argument about, the reasons why comparing the duo in regards to their ideas and traditions should result in unnecessary debate between right thinking people on the streets.

He explained further by alluding that, he is an optimist, and a realist who does not countenance or shy away from the truth, if indeed it needs to be told.

“Both President Akufo Addo, and his friend Trump have deceived their people, and won’t be surprise to see both personalities leading their Parties into opposition” He retorted.

The parliamentary hopeful of the National Democratic Congress is however of the firm conviction that, judging from these few observations the good will by the people back home in Ghana have eluded the Akufo Addo government, just as his counterpart in the United State of America; President Donald Trump.

He stressed and predicted that, citizens in the US will be confronted with unimaginable economic woes, and same measure will equally dawn back home in Ghana. He has subsequently admonished Ghanaians to brace up for more hardships in 2019 similar to what they encountered in the year 2018, where the government failed to meet its projected revenue generation, and issues bothering on fiscal discipline in the financial sector amidst the closure of about seven gigantic and well performing banks in the banking sector which have an ad hoc impact and also halted business activities in the country, and resulting in poor standard of living of the masses.

By: Radio1News|Ghana

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